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Nisqy officially announced as new MAD Lions mid laner

Published: 11:02, 07 May 2022
MAD Lions
MAD Nisqy
MAD Nisqy

MAD Lions have acquired an established name as their new mid laner following the disappointing Spring split of the 2022 season in LEC.

Nisqy was one of the most doubted players when he arrived from C9 to Fnatic, due to the stigma of NA being a retirement region. This way, FNC were seen as replacing Nemesis with a washed-up player but when the games actually started, Nisqy showed himself to be the reliable pillar of the team just like he was in C9 and Splyce previously.

Unfortunately, his stay in FNC wasn't that long as the team acquired Humanoid for the 2022 season and Nisqy spent the first split benched. Now he will have a chance to once again show up as he is replacing Reeker as the starting mid laner MAD Lions.

FNC and MAD announced the news simultaneously, with the latter posting a quick but impactful "welcome" video while the black and orange team put together a wholesome highlight reel of Nisqy's stay there, on the Rift and outside of it.

There were rumours of FNC acquiring Elyoya as the new jungler, possibly by trading Razork to MAD but there have been some doubts about such transfers in recent days.

Currently, it looks like MAD roster will stick with Armut, Elyoya, Unforgiven and Kaiser, hoping that the addition of Nisqy will make the difference necessary for staying on top of LEC once again.

Nisqy is not a particularly flashy highlight chaser but his contributions remain evident in any team he's played in and this is perhaps the drive that will be crucial for MAD to repeat their success from previous seasons.

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