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New Vive Pro 2 features 5K resolution display and 120hz refresh rate

Published: 08:43, 17 May 2021
screenshot showing vr device HTC Vive Pro 2
HTC Vive Pro 2

HTC have officially unveiled their new flagship VR device HTC Vive Pro 2. The device packs a 5K resolution display, 120Hz refresh rate and 120-degree field of view.

HTC's new VR device has leaked last week and today, the company have officially unveiled the product, with full specification, pricing and release date. HTC Vive Pro 2 brings some smaller but notable improvements over its predecessor and it's safe to say that it will be a proper upgrade for the owners of Vive Pro.

HTC Vive Pro 2 has a brand new display that offers 5K resolution (2448 × 2448 pixels per eye), 120Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay and a 120-degree field of view. The original device from 2018 packed a 2880 x 1600 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and 110-degree field of view, so it's certainly a decent upgrade. 

The device should also deliver "minimal motion blur" according to HTC and the meshed lines, known as the screen door effect has been completely eliminated. 

HTC HTC Vive Pro 2 vr device HTC Vive Pro 2

As for the design, you'll notice a couple of changes that make the device look even sleeker but don't expect a complete overhaul.

The price for the standalone headset device is $799 / £719 / €799. For a fully equipped Pro 2, including Base Station 2.0 and controllers, the price will be $1,399 / £1,299 / €1,399, starting June 4, 2021. 

You can find more details about HTC Vive Pro 2 on the official website.

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