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New League of Legends Dragonmancers skins have been revealed

Published: 10:44, 16 September 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends champions splash arts - Dragonmancers skins
New skins for Brand and Lee Sin

League of Legends Twitter account has revealed a couple of new skins for Lee Sin, Sett, Brand, Ashe, and Aurelion Sol. All five skins are expected to join the live servers with patch 10.20.

Skins have always been one of the favourite features for a majority of League of Legends players. Even though they don't give any advantages in terms of stats, a brand new skin on your main champion feels very satisfying, to say the least.

Riot Games have continued their ongoing trend of producing brand new skin lines. Just like the previous Psy Ops addition, the Dragonmancers skin line flew under the radar with all the other preseason changes Riot have  announced . Not to mention that Worlds 2020 is just around the corner.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin will probably be one of if not the best skin this for this champion which is a pretty big achievement considering that he has twelve of them overall. The new flashy ability animations are reminiscent of the old fan-favourite Thunderlord rune.

Ashe's new ability animations, as well as her basic attacks, are much easier to see now with the shiny outline which is similar to her PROJECT skin.

League of Legends champion Sett splash art Sett will get a Prestige skin

The new Brand looks much different from most of his skins. His abilities give black magic vibes, very similar to Morgana's basic skin. Reshaping his Pyroclasm (R) fireball to a dragon head is a very nice touch from Riot's design team.

Aurelion Sol hasn't had a skin in over two years now and we can't think of a better skin line that suits his dragon theme. Even though he isn't the most popular of champions with a 0.60 per cent pick rate, the Sol mains will surely be happy to add this skin to their collection.

Sett has been one of the most popular champions since his release at the start of 2020 so it doesn't come as a surprise that he's getting a Prestige skin this early on. Both of his skins look very sharp with the red Obsidian Dragon animations.

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