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New League of Legends Astronaut skins have been revealed

Published: 21:32, 12 May 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends champions Poppy and Gnar splash art
Just a casual Yordle duo having fun in space

League of Legends Twitter account has revealed the three upcoming astronaut-themed skins for Bard, Gnar, and Poppy. All three skins are expected to join the live servers with patch 10.11.

Skins have always been one of the favourite features for a majority of League of Legends players. Even though they don't give any advantages in terms of stats, a brand new skin on your main champion feels very satisfying, to say the least.

Riot Games has often been criticized for prioritizing some champions over others when it comes to the number of new skins they are frequently releasing. It seems as though they took a different approach this time as they finally revealed three new gorgeous looking skins for champions that aren't that popular.

Astronaut Poppy has one of the cutest recall animations we've ever seen from a skin. She uses her big hammer to send three small aliens back to their spaceship. Also, instead of a hammer, her ultimate now causes a huge rocket to emerge from the ground and send any enemy on its way back towards their Nexus.

Bard has been one of the champions who didn't get a skin for a very long time, almost three and a half years to be more precise. Astronaut Bard will certainly come as a refreshment for all the Bard mains out there thanks to the complete visual overhaul and all the new animations he will get with this skin.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Bard - Astronaut Bard splash art Astronaut Bard

Just like Poppy, Gnar's recall animation features the same above-mentioned aliens but unlike Poppy, Gnar proceeds to eat one of them because he's a merciless monster after all.

The new skins will most likely hit the live servers on patch 10.11 which is scheduled around May 27. We didn't get confirmed information on the prices but based on all the visual changes, our prediction is that you'll need to spend at least 1350 RP for each of the skins.

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