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New images of PlayStation 5 dev kits and Dualshock controller leaked

Published: 08:06, 06 January 2020
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

Two new images of Sony's next-generation console PlayStation 5 developer kits and the brand new Dualshock 5 controller have been leaked online.

Sony's next-gen console PlayStation 5 has been subject of many leaks and rumours in the last couple of months. From the launch date, hardware specs and some unique features, Sony's next gaming machine has been discussed all over the gaming forums and social media.

Today, we have another leak, which reveals brand new images of the PlayStation 5 developer kit and the brand new Dualshock 5 controller. The leak comes from a certain Facebook group where one of the members posted images where they can be seen cleaning the devkit. "My first cleaning of PS5," the Facebook user named Patrick wrote and added that apparently, it's his job at the company.

Now, the images, which you can see below look pretty legit and we have no reason to doubt that PlayStation 5 devkit is indeed on the photo. It looks pretty much the same as the one we've seen before. As for the Dualshock 5 controller, this may be the best photo of the device yet.

Just like previously revealed in patent photos, Dualshock 5 will be almost identical to Dualshock 4, with only a couple of minor additions. Now, Sony are yet to officially announce all brand new features of the controller so we'll have to wait a bit longer for that. 

Facebook Leaked images of PS5 devkit and Dualshock 5 Leaked images of PS5 devkit and Dualshock 5

According to rumours, Sony could officially host the PlayStation 5 reveal event sometime in February 2020. Whether that's the case or not, we'll soon find out since February is coming quickly.

You can find the leak on .

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