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New Challenges are coming to League of Legends' PBE server next patch

Published: 02:27, 13 November 2021
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League of Legends - There is a reason this Miss Fortune skin had to be changed

Challenges are a little different than the one-and-done achievement systems you might be used to. You can level up individual challenges from Iron all the way to Master.

If you’ve ever wanted to be known as the person with the most pentakills on the server this is your chance.

Challenges have their own tab within your profile. You'll also be able to look up other players to check out their Challenges progress, too.

The big crystal on the left tracks your overall progression through the system. Every challenge you rank up increases your overall score, and over time, your crystal evolves from—you guessed it—Iron to Challenger.

The five bars beneath your crystal represent the five categories of challenges. Categories are a middle ground between your overall progress and individual challenges, letting you track your growth along with particular aspects of the game. And they rank up as well.

Riot Games League of Legends - New Challenges overlay League of Legends - New Challenges overlay

  • Imagination: Modes and innovative plays make this category the home for those who dare to dream,
  • Expertise: Skillfully crushing your opponents is the way to earn big in this category,
  • Teamwork & Strategy: Working together with your team to dominate the Rift is the focus here,
  • Veterancy: Putting up big lifetime numbers in kills, gold earned, and other stats will help boost this bucket,
  • Collection: It's in the name. Collecting cosmetics and engaging in loot fills the bars here.

There's a search bar in the Challenges tab that'll let you find any challenge by its name or the criteria it tracks. You can also filter challenges within each category by group, for example, ARAM within Imagination, most recently ranked up, or current tier.

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