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New beta footage of Xbox exclusive Redfall emerges online

Published: 14:41, 08 March 2022
Redfall title screen
Redfall title screen

A new footage of what appears to be Xbox exclusive Redfall has surfaced online. The footage shows tiny bits of gameplay from the game's early development build.

Xbox console exclusive Redfall from the developer of Dishonored and Deathloop, Arkane Studios, has leaked once again following its leak from last year which gave us first screenshots of the in-game locations, the UI and characters. 

Courtesy of GameTropics , the new leak seems to show the same build of the game that we've seen in the previous leak. You'll notice that a lot of assets are still missing and in terms of graphics, a lot of visual elements have also not been added.

Redfall leaked footage Redfall leaked footage

The footage confirms that the game will be first-person. You may recall that earlier leaks also showed some third-person footage but it does look like that Redfall will primarily be a first-person perspective game with potentially some third-person scenes that showcase ultimate abilities akin to Destiny 2. The UI is clearly inspired by Bungie's looter shooter too.

While the footage is of very poor quality, it does give us a closer picture of what Redfall could be. We know that the game is a co-op vampire shooter that can also be played solo. It's also an open world which is a first for Arkane. 

Hopefully, we'll finally get some official Redfall gameplay and details soon. Redfall was announced with a CGI trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase last year. Since then, we have not heard from the dev team nor gotten any new footage or info.

There's a good chance we'll see the game at Xbox's Summer event, though, which should be happening in June. 

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