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NetEase Connect 2021 lineup revealed: Project Ragnarok, Racing Master and more

Published: 13:00, 18 May 2021
Project Ragnarok screenshot showcasing stunning visuals
Project Ragnarok looks stunning

NetEase have revealed the lineup of games that will be featured during their games showcase NetEase Connect 2021. The lineup includes Project Ragnarok, Onmyoji and a new game Racing Master.

Publisher Netease will broadcast their event in English for the first time ever this week and you can expect plenty of exciting new game showcases, both announced and unannounced ones. 

The stream goes live on May 20, 2021, at 1:30 pm CET (12:30 pm BST) and today, NetEase Games have shared the full lineup of title that will be featured at the show. These include Racing Master, developed in cooperation with Codemasters, 24 Entertainment’s unchained multiplayer combat game NARAKA: Bladepoint and the mobile version of 11 Bit Studio’s award-winning, post-apocalypse society survival game Frostpunk.


The following titles will be featured during NetEase Connect 2021: 

  • Infinite Lagrange (PC+Mobile) - Sci-fi grand space simulation game
  • Onmyoji: The World (Crossplatform) - Fascinating World Adventure RPG
  • Frostpunk: Rise of City (Mobile) - Award-winning post-apocalypse society survival game
  • Vikingard (Mobile) - Casual simulation RPG mobile game featuring the age of Vikings
  • Lost Light (Mobile) - Survival shooter mobile game
  • Racing Master (Crossplatform) - Ultra-realistic multi-platform racing sim, developed using the Unreal 4 engine and Codemasters’ proprietary EGO technology
  • NARAKA: BLADEPOINT (PC) - Unchained Multiplayer Combat game
  • EVE Echoes (Mobile) - Standalone EVE Online mobile Sci-Fi Sandbox MMO
  • LifeAfter (PC+Mobile) - Post-apocalyptic MMO survival mobile game
  • Identity V (Mobile) - The first asymmetrical multiplayer mobile horror game
  • Astracraft (Mobile) - Real-time sandbox & combat mobile game
  • Badlanders (PC+Mobile) - Survival looter shooter mobile game with weapon customization and open market
  • Project Ragnarök (Crossplatform) - New Interpretation of Strategy MMORPG based on Norse Pantheon mythology and Ragnarök Lore

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