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NFS Heat's night races are like The Division's Dark Zone

Published: 17:44, 21 August 2019
Need For Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat's night races will be a completely different experience from the racing in daylight according to the game's Creative Director Riley Cooper. Apparently, The Division's Dark Zone was one of the inspirations for the team.

It's safe to say that the Need for Speed franchise hasn't been up to its best for quite some time. Many players hoped that 2015's Need for Speed was the one to bring the glory back to the series but the game ultimately failed to deliver just like the last instalment - Need for Speed: Payback.

The next Need for Speed game titled Heat is in development and it's scheduled to arrive later this year. Ghost Games who worked on the already mentioned titles and 2013's Need for Speed Rivals are once again behind the helm but it looks like they are set to change a lot of things and bring us a different Need for Speed game this year.

In an interview with Engadget, creative director on Need for Speed Heat, Riley Cooper talked about some of the design ideas and gameplay mechanics that will be introduced in Heat, to separate it from earlier titles.

One of the changes that Cooper mentioned is the campaign, which is now split into two parts. When the sun is up, players will compete in a series of legal race, drift and off-road events called the Speedhunter Showdown.

However, once the sun goes down, you'll get to earn cash in illegal street races. During the night, the cops are noticeably more aggressive and you'll also have a heat ranking that will slowly rise as you complete after-dark events and earn reputation.

That won't be easy as the cops will increase their efforts in accordance with your heat ranking with helicopters and heavily armoured trucks. Also if you get caught, everything you earned that night will completely vanish. In order to save the earnings, you'll need to bank your rep at a safe house.

This concept should be familiar to those who played Ubisoft's The Division, which has a similar system called the Dark Zone. Cooper did not mention any names but he said that the developers have definitely been inspired by some titles.

EA Need For Speed Heat
Need For Speed Heat

Cooper also mentioned that Heat's cops will be totally different from the law enforcement we saw in Payback. The game will emphasize escaping rather than battling with the cops. Your car has a health bar which will whittle away as you jostle with police cars.

Of course, you will be able to fight back but do this often and you will be forced to finish your night race early.

Need for Speed Heat - a racing game by Ghost and Electronic Arts

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Need For Speed Heat

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