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Need for Speed Heat file size revealed

Published: 08:50, 05 November 2019
Need For Speed Heat

EA updated their Microsoft store page with the file size of roughly 28 GB for Need for Speed Heat and it appears the game will also have a day one patch.

Need for Speed is due for 8 November 2019 release and EA finally let the file size slip. On Xbox One, players will need to download 28.01 GB of data, which is not a big deal in the era of 175 GB Call of Duty games. The file size should closely resemble that found on PC and PlayStation 4 but slight variations are not off the table. 

Origin and PlayStation store pages list different sizes, with the former only showing the placeholder 50 GB disk requirement while Sony's store states 35 GB will be necessary, which probably accounts for future updates. 

Meanwhile, there is for everyone apparently, which will be another 4.6 GB download. It remains to be seen what it will entail but it will only directly affect those who are enjoying early access through EA's subscription services. The rest of us will just get it packaged with the rest of the download.

It appears the game was well optimised through both the file size on all platforms and the system requirements for PC. For example, the recommended specification lists the likes of Ryzen 3 1300X / RX 480 for AMD side and i7-4790 / GTX 1060 on Intel / Nvidia side. 

EA Need for Speed Heat screenshot showing a yellow car with big spoiler Need for Speed Heat won't be a demanding title

All of these components are considered mid-tier these days, hinting that NFS Heat might be running buttery smooth even on weaker rigs, which should be a great relief for those waiting for the next console generation before upgrading their PCs.

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