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Dead Space creator is making a new, mysterious game

Published: 21:59, 11 February 2019
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One of the creators of Dead Space, Michael Condrey has joined an unnamed 2K studio to work on a mysterious, new project. The game industry veteran is joining a San Francisco-based studio after leaving Activision back in December 2018.

It looks like both Dead Space creators are getting busy with new projects after their departure from Activision in December 2018. Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield earlier said that they are looking forward to working on something new, different and exciting. Schofield's plans are still mysterious but his partner Condrey is officially up to something.

Take-Two Interactive have announced that Michael Condrey has joined a new San Francisco-based studio under 2K Games. Condrey and the unnamed development team will work on a yet to be announced, mysterious project.

According to 2K president David Ismailer, Condrey's "unparalleled creative, production, and leadership accolades" are just some of the reasons why he inspires 2K Games and why they see so much potential for his new studio to "complement the existing portfolio and development expertise".

It's safe to say Ismailer is really happy with 2K Games' latest acquisition and of course, there are plenty of reasons for that. Condrey previously worked as a director on three Call of Duty games - World War 2, Advanced Warfare and Modern Warfare 3. He was also the main man along with Schofield on Dead Space.

Condrey also co-founded Sledgehammer Games with Schofield before leaving the studio in February 2018, taking up an executive position at Activision.

The man himself commented on his new job by saying how excited and thankful he is to embark on the next step in his career. 

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Unfortunately, Take-Two's announcement said nothing about the upcoming game. While it's safe to say that many fans would love to see a reunion with Schofield and a new Dead Space game that is unlikely to happen as EA own the IP rights to the franchise, sadly.

All in all, 2K Games should probably reveal more info on the new game and studio pretty soon, and hopefully, Condrey brings us another Dead Space-like gem.


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