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Monster Hunter: World - new armour and weapons coming with Safi’Jiva Siege

Published: 21:33, 10 December 2019
Monster Hunter: World - new transforming armour
Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World's second title update brought a new Siege. The players are currently free to do the Recon Assignment but the real deal will kick off on 13 December 2019. The quest rewards will include a mysterious transforming armour and awakened weapons.

Monster Hunter: World got its second title update a few days ago. The update contains the "mature form of Xeno’Jiva," but the community has named it Safi’Jiva so we will use the name as well. 

The hunt for the new monster started on 5 December 2019, with the Recon Assignment. The job required the players to sport a Master Rank of 24 or above and serves as a "tutorial" for when the real thing hits the fan on 13 December 2019.

The Siege will go on for a limited amount of time and will have the same rank requirements as the Recon Assignment. Fortunately, you will be able to go to the Gathering Hub, join up with 15 other players and go hunt the monster through a multi-leveled "dungeon".

This will no doubt be a long quest but it seems like the dev team behind Monster Hunter World made sure your efforts don't go without a juicy reward. Let's talk about that. During the Siege, you'll be able to hunt down Safi’Jiva and acquire the materials that can be used to forge hunter armour and Palico equipment.

If you activate your bonus skill and draw your weapon while sporting your shiny new armour, the mail itself will change and provide a "unique gameplay experience". The armour's stats, resistances and set bonuses are still a mystery.

Obtaining weapons will be a slightly different affair for this quest. After the monster has been defeated, the players will receive a new type of armament - Awakened Weapons. Once these are appraised, you'll be offered a bunch of weapons and will be able to pick and choose which ones you like best. 

You can also upgrade these new armaments by giving the "awakened abilities" using the special items you've collected during the Siege. The weapons can be upgraded ad infinitum but the number of skills per weapon will be capped at five. The skills can be swapped in and out as you see fit.

If you like what you've read and would like to score some shiny new threads or stab stabs you can do so from 13 December 2019, until 5 January 2020. This event will, much like the Kulve Taroth, return at a later date.

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