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Metro Exodus' first patch looks at bugs and controller delay

Published: 12:22, 23 February 2019
Updated: 12:23, 23 February 2019
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Metro Exodus

4A Games have released patch notes for the first update after Metro Exodus' patch, noting that they worked on some optimisation issues but mostly focused on catching bugs and eliminating V-sync-caused input delay from controllers on PC.

Metro Exodus' first patch includes a bugtrap tool for the PC version. It will detect crashes and fatal errors that might appear during gameplay and gather limited data from the PC in order to prepare a report that players can choose to send to 4A Games through the Metro Support site.

It is important to mention that 4A specifically stated that no user identifiable information will be collected but the players can review all the collected info before sending it to 4A. That way users should be able to see for themselves that no private information was collected.

The other highlight of the is not actually a definitive fix. It pertains to controller support on PC, as controllers tend to have input lag in case players turned Vsync on. In case that some players have high end rigs that are capable of running Metro Exodus at high frame rates, it is possible that Vsync will limit them.

According to 4A, controller input usually appears when Vsync is set on half. The larger the difference between possible maximum FPS and that which was allowed by Vsync, the more lag players will experience. Switching Vsync off or putting it on full should bypass most of the input lag issues but the developers will continue investigating the issue.

There are a few other notes, stating that the patch also optimised Metro Exodus for RTX, fixed some issues with the benchmark tool and improved general stability of the game.

4A Games picture showing combat in metro exodus Metro Exodus

Technically, there isn't much in the first patch, but then again, 4A Games did do a good job releasing a game that didn't actually need much attention immediatelly after launch. Players received a product they could enjoy, especially compared to a certain than a 29 year old house cat.

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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Metro Exodus

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