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Marvel's Avengers gets next-gen update, story and new character

Published: 21:05, 18 March 2021
Square Enix
Marvel's Avengers
Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix Presents revealed a lot of news about Marvel's Avengers across more than one trailer and we are here to break it all down.

Marvel's Avengers trailer for the next-gen console improvements included more than just the feature list for those who are sticking with the game on PS5 and XSX/S. It teased the future storyline, or shall we say - an alternate future storyline.

Clint Barton is surprised to meet Hulk in this apocalyptic landscape but his line is interrupted by the green giant who is actually Maestro, a villain rather than a friend. If you're not familiar with the character from other media, he is the fusion of Bruce Banner and Hulk, permanently in the powerful state but he managed to retain the doctor's superior intellect. 

Things turned sour for everyone around as Maestro also inherited the volatile personality of the Hulk, creating the eponymous Future Imperfect. This update and the next-gen features will be free for the existing owners of Marvel's Avengers

As for the next-gen features, players will get:

  • Higher resolution textures
  • 4K at 60 FPS quality/performance
  • Improved environmental destruction
  • Faster load times

The other trailer that was shown briefly introduced us to both Wakanda and Black Panther. Players will jump into the war in the advanced country to help the king out and as you probably guessed by now, he will be the new character you can look forward to. Both of these are slated for "later this year".

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