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Magyar joins Brawlhalla, abilities revealed

Published: 21:46, 15 January 2021
Blue Mammoth
Brawlhalla - Magyar
Brawlhalla - Magyar

Ubisoft announced that Magyar, the Ghost Armor is now available in Brawlhalla and offered a quick breakdown of his abilities.

Magyar is not exactly one being as it's a suit of haunted armour that contains the spirits of the Strazci, an entire legion of knights that fight together as Brawlhalla's 52nd legend. Magyar uses Greatsword and Hammer and has attacks unique to each weapon, as you might expect.

Magyar's Greatsword attacks are:

  • Neutral - The spirits shoot out of the armour to posses an aerial enemy, put the armour on them and hold them in place to run them through with the weapon
  • Side signature - Magyar slashes once, then spirits leave the armour and attack the enemy again with the Greatsword
  • Down signature - spirits take the Greatsword and slash down after Magyar jumps back

Magyar's hammer attacks are: 

  • Neutral - Spirits grab an aerial enemy and then hit them with the Hammer
  • Side signature - Magyar moves quickly to the enemy and slams them with the Hammer
  • Down signature - Magyar floats, the spirits empower the Hammer and slam it on the enemies

Players can pick up Magyar for 7,200 Gold and he will launch with three skins, each costing 140 MC:

  • Golden Gladiator
  • Phantom of the Armour
  • Pharaoh King
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