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Brawlhalla patch 5.01 - new skins, emotes and Finn the Human

Published: 20:16, 10 December 2020
Blue Mammoth Games
Brawlhalla - Patch 5.01
Brawlhalla - Patch 5.01

Patch 5.01 introduced Spellbreaker Diana, Harlequin Marionette Sidekick, Golf Clap Emote, and eight new Avatars to Malhalla. Jake the Dog is being joined by Finn the Human in the Epic Crossovers.

Brawlhalla's Patch 5.01 has introduced a bunch of new items to the game. Mallhalla now features Spellbreaker Diana, Harlequin Marionette Sidekick, Golf Clap Emote, and eight new Avatars, including new country flags and more.

The new Ranked Season 19 will start on January 20.

The Epic Crossovers for the first time on the free-to-play Legend rotation will welcome Finn the Human from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time this week. 


  • Spellbreaker Diana
    • "Work sure picks up when the moon is full."
    • Ready to hunt and break hexes, Spellbreaker Diana is armed with her Counter Curse Bow and Purge & Exorcise Blasters!


  • Golf Clap
    • "Good show, my dear!"
    • Express your polite approval with this new Emote with sound effects.


  • Harlequin Marionette
    • "One hand for the puppet, two to carry you."
    • A whimsical new Sidekick that’s sure to light up the court...or arena!


  • Country Flags
    • Algeria
    • Morocco
    • Iran
    • Haiti

New Designs

  • Twinkle Fait - “This is Twinkle, Blinkle, Winkle, and Dot.”
  • Bark at the Moon - “Awwhooooooo!”
  • Ramen! - “I’d recognize that sign anywhere!”
  • Mark of the Kraken! - “The last thing you see before going under.”

Finn the Human

Finn the Human is making his debut as an Epic Crossover to join the free-to-play Legend Rotation.

Finn Epic Crossover – “He’ll slay anything that’s evil – that’s his deal!”

  • Finn sports the metal arm Princess Bubblegum made for him.
  • Weapons: Finn Sword & Grass Axe
  • Mirrors the abilities of Jhala.

All of the Adventure Time Crossover items can be found in the “Crossovers” section and “KO Effect” section of Mallhalla.

For a bunch more information about the 5.01 patch, check out the game's official page .

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