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Mad Max 2 seems to be in development at Avalanche Studios

Published: 10:10, 15 February 2022
Updated: 10:21, 15 February 2022
Avalanche Studios
People are racing and fighting in heavily modified cars in Mad Max.
Mad Max

It looks like Avalanche Studios Group have a brand new Mad Max game in development. The studio have been 3D scanning people for the game recently. 

2015' Mad Max could be getting a sequel in the near future. Twitter user Wendy W Fok have shared an image from what appears to be a 3D scanning setup, claiming that Avalanche Studios Group scanned them to be in Mad Max 2 as a Rebel.

"Before times, at @AvalancheSweden in New York, when O'Neil invited me to get scanned to be in Mad Max 2, as a rebel. The magic of photogrammetry, 3D Scanning, & many cameras @MadMaxGame,"  Wendy W Fok tweeted.

At the time of writing, the tweet is still up but we're sure it will be deleted very soon so here's a screenshot, just in case:

Twitter @W_W_F Twitter user WENDY W FOK claim they have been scanned for the Mad Max 2 game Twitter user WENDY W FOK claim they have been scanned for the Mad Max 2 game

Avalanche Studios Group have not officially confirmed that they are working on a brand new Mad Max game. We know that the studio works on the Xbox exclusive Contraband but other than that, the details about their other in-development projects are pretty scarce.

Avalanche Studios are quite big in terms of staff size (over 500 according to Linkedin) so that's easily two or even three internal teams, who could be working on multiple projects. 

Until we get an official confirmation, though, take everything with a dose of scepticism since this is just a rumour at this point.

A sequel to Mad Max certainly sounds exciting since we quite liked the first game which featured Avalanche's signature open world with big explosions and action-packed moments.

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