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Sony have revealed free PlayStation 4 games in PS Plus lineup for April 2018

Published: 11:44, 01 April 2018
Updated: 12:02, 03 April 2018
Avalanche Studios
People are racing and fighting in heavily modified cars in Mad Max.
Mad Max

Sony's lineup for PS Plus in April 2018 is out. While Bloodborne took the last month's spotlight, this month it will be a battle between Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo. This is also the last call to pick up the last month's PS Plus roster.

March is drawing to a close, and it is time to get to know the road ahead. This year's April will kick off with Easter sales already active so it's also a good heads up if you were planning to buy some of these titles due to a discount. Why buy them if you're going to get them in PS Plus subscription anyway, right?

To kick things off, we have Mad Max, a game that was highly anticipated prior to its release in 2015. It features the maniacal, apocalypse-crazed people, a rough leather-wearing Max and his Interceptor. Well, not really, it gets destroyed in the very beginning of the game in order to pave the way to the car crafting and upgrading system. The game received mixed reviews once it was released though, many citing the story as lacklustre in the early parts of the game, but it seems to be a general consensus that it picked up the pace towards the end and therefore wasn't that bad.

Avalanche Studios Max is beating people up because they scratched the paint on his Magnum Opus. Mad Max

The other highlight for this month is another PS4 title, which is TrackMania Turbo. It is the over the top high octane racing game that will have your head spinning right 'round. I mean this literally, not as a praise, as the game features several racing tracks that for sort of a spiral and you will have to drive your car in regular conditions, on the walls and even upside-down, all in high speed.

Speaking of praise, it's not that it isn't due. TrackMania Turbo scored slightly higher with reviews than Mad Max did but the racing and driving here is set in most sophisticated and way greener areas. The game is primarily a time attack racer that requires only three buttons to control your car but while it's simple to learn, it is hard to master.

Nadeo Crazy cars are racing on a crazy track and their picture was taken by an equally crazy individual. TrackMania Turbo

PlayStation 3 players are getting In Space We Brawl in this round of PS Plus freebies while PS Vita user will be able to add 99 Vidas and Q*Bert Rebooted to their video game library.

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