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LoL Worlds 2018 ruined Korean records, but kept European ones

Published: 22:28, 15 October 2018
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League of Legends World Championship 2018 brought many surprises, such as a disastrous start for Korean teams and advent of European teams so far. It resulted in some ruined records for the Korean teams and kept European traditions going.

Korean teams have already scored the worst start in a World Championship within the first two days, ever since their debut in Season 2. The bad streak continued as World Championship 2018 saw a Korean team get knocked out in group stage, with Gen. G going out with 1-5 win-loss score.

Therefore, Koreans have put another notch in the bad start belt, but on the other end of the spectrum, European and North American teams are finding more success than they did in World Championships before. Both Team Vitality and Cloud 9 pulled victories over RNG, the Chinese powerhouse that is also a favourite for winning the whole tournament.

In the end, their group turned out to be the true group of death as RNG, Cloud 9 and Team Vitality put up top notch performances. The former two went through to the knock out stage, with a tiebreaker match ultimately deciding that it is RNG who got the number one seed in group B.

Group A also ended with a tiebreaker match, but this time it was a fight for the second seed where G2 and Flash Wolves duked it out, since Afreeca Freecs pulled three amazing performances in a row in order to swim out on top of the group. European tradition of never losing a tiebreaker at World Championships continued, as they picked up a win against Flash Wolves in order to go through.

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Phong Vu Buffalo has to be an honorable mention in this group as they finished their competition with two wins and four losses, but those two wins ultimately decided the standings in Group A. The Vietnamese team beat both G2 and Flash Wolves once, with the latter win offering G2 a chance at top spot, which they squandered in their match against AFs.

Then again, fans loved every bit of this group, until the end. Unfortunately for Flash Wolves, they repeated Afreeca Freecs' mistake from the first day of the competition and didn't ban Hjarnan's Heimerdinger. There was no coming back from that.


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