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LoL summer event will span several games

Published: 00:43, 03 July 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Sentinel Vayne
League of Legends - Sentinel Vayne

Sentinels of Light and Viego duking it out will have consequences in both the world of League of Legends and the extended universe stemming form it.

League of Legends events seem to be getting bigger every year as the developers are trying to find some new ways to engage the players. With the missions and associated rewards having become the standard, it seems that many players also responded well to the Spirit Blossom event that had a weird RPG-like dialogue feature.

With the Ruination event that is kicking off soon, the developers decided to go bigger than ever. First, the event skins have all been confirmed as canon in the lore, meaning that Vayne and Riven are really teaming up with Sentinels, despite their loner nature.

Second, the event will bring back the storytelling through dialogue that was present with the Spirit Blossom event and let's hope it's worked out a bit more than the first iteration so the dialogue doesn't feel off as much.

Third, and possibly the most exciting part of the summer event in League of Legends is that it will spread into other titles by Riot Games. It's hard to imagine these fantasy creatures popping up in Valorant but Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics shouldn't have much issue incorporating them. TFT is also close to receiving a few alterations to the set so skins are probably going to follow.

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