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LoL: Players' LP loss to get reduced if they have "feeders" or AFK in the game

Published: 18:59, 31 July 2020
Riot Games
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League of Legends - Nunu Bot

Riot Games revealed an interesting article on the official League of Legends website where they talked about their plans on improving the game's punishment system. LP loss could get reduced in ranked games that include "trolls" or AFK players.

Riot Games' Competitive Gameplay Product Manager - Cody Germain, also known as Riot Codebear has revealed another Quick Gameplay Thought's article  on the official League of Legends website.

The main topic for this week was Riot's plans on improving punishments for disruptive behavior, mostly focused on actions that intentionally sabotage the game and leaving/being AFK.

Their primary goals are to reduce these occurrences and mitigate their impact on players when they go through such or similar experiences.

Further on they explained that after going through hundreds of VOD reviews, they will finally improve the game's ability to detect disruptive behavior. This will allow them to approximately double their rate of identifying and punishing negative behavior.

Besides a more consistent detection system, the players will also be notified more frequently when their report led to a punishment. This will encourage them to be more persistent in their reports during the champion selection or after the game.

Riot Games League of Legends - Yasuo splash art No more 0/13/2 Yasuo power spikes?

When it comes to mitigating the consequences, they laid down a couple of options that the team is currently looking into:

  • Early surrender options when the game detects AFK players
  • LP mitigation for lost ranked games due to AFK players or players who intentionally try to sabotage the game
  • Stricter Queue punishments for those that leave the game
  • Pre-game warnings for those that already disrupted some previous games

The LP loss mitigation system for ranked games will probably be the most welcomed feature for the majority of the player base, considering that losing your promos because of a "troll" is one of the worst experiences this game has to offer.

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