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LoL: Players' LP loss due to disruptive behaviour will soon be mitigated

Published: 18:29, 02 October 2020
Updated: 18:33, 02 October 2020
Riot Games
 League of Legends champion Kog'Maw splash art
There will be some big changes besides the item overhaul

Riot Games have revealed an interesting article on the official League of Legends website where they talked about their future plans on improving the game's punishment system.

The League of Legends preseason just keeps on giving and apart from all the improvements to the game's competitive ranking system, the biggest change will be the introduction of a new type of item called mythic which we've covered in one of our previous articles.

Riot Games' Behavioural System Team has revealed another Quick Gameplay Thought's article on the official League of Legends website. The main topic for this week was is their plans on improving punishments for disruptive behaviour and mitigate the damage caused by it.

The two main features they are implementing in the game in order to mitigate the damage are early surrender and providing LP consolation in ranked games that have AFKs or intentional feeding. They've already increased the penalties like queue lockouts by 10 per cent which resulted in an overall decrease of AFK behaviour.

An improved detection system when it comes to intentional feeding will be shipped in patch 10.21. These changes won't stop here and they will soon be spread across all game ruining actions.

In one of their previous announcements a couple of months back Riot's team revealed that they manually review hundreds of games in order to discover a pattern they can work with.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Riven - splash art Some of these changes will be a part of the next patch

Players that engage in disruptive behaviour more frequently will face harsher penalties each time. At the moment there are players who just spam the report button for no apparent reason and these changes will help in distinguishing those reports from the ones that are actually deserved.

These changes will gradually appear on the live server and whether they will work or not, we will see in the next couple of months.

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