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LoL Mage supports will be the only counterplay to Renata in botlane

Published: 07:06, 02 February 2022
Updated: 07:07, 02 February 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Vel'koz
League of Legends - Vel'koz

Riot Games have revealed the abilities of Renata Glasc, the newest champion poised to arrive to League of Legends. To say that she is overpowered is an understatement, and mage supports and poke lanes seem to be her only counterplay.

Only yesterday Renata Glasc's abilities have been revealed. It did not take long for the League of Legends community to realize that this seems to be the ultimate support champion, that can do anything and everything, and can do so better than the specialized support picks.

The only real counterplay for this champion, that we can see, is to avoid allowing Renata to use her abilities effectively and bursting her, and her ADC, down from a distance. A very large distance, we might add, with her ultimate having the range of Maokai's, with more speed and crowd control.

The way to do this is with Mage supports. Xerath and Vel'Koz are the ones that come to mind, as they have the damage to pierce through Renata's shield with a spell rotation, unlike Lux for example. Add in an Ezreal or Caitlyn, and you might just have a game on your hands.

The way we see any other lane playing out is bleak, to say the least. Her E ability can shield any damage from the engage her ADC sustains, while dealing back damage, in turn, her W giving her ADC a buff to dish out some damage back, and her Q can then create a disengage whenever it suits them.

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If Renata finds herself facing an enchanter, she is still capable of enough buffs, damage, and crowd controls as Lulu, Janna, and Sona combined.

If you factor in her W as healing her ADC, which it will be as the early fights are messy and close things, meaning that takedowns are just two auto attacks away and the revive is instantaneous, then Renata has every support mechanic and specialization Riot could cram into her kit.

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