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LoL: Evil Geniuses signs Impact for the top lane position

Published: 22:11, 02 December 2020
Evil Geniuses Impact
Evil Geniuses Impact

Evil Geniuses announced that they signed Jeong "Impact" Eon-young for the top lane position as he completed a roster that may go far next season.

North American teams seem to be consolidating themselves in the preseason as they are putting together some rather interesting teams. TSM and Cloud 9 surprised the world with some major signings as they are trying to get younger players to click well with accomplished names such as Perkz and SwordArt who will be backed up by other players who had a strong previous season.

While EG didn't quite break the bank to sign a superstar that dazzled in Season 10, they did acquire Impact who was one of the best performers on Team Liquid. The team didn't get far at Worlds 2020 but many are attributing their success in eliminating other teams to strong performances by the top laner.

Contrary to the mantras of C9 and TSM, EG are not pushing young talents as their entire roster has quite a bit of experience under their belt. The youngest member of the team is Deftly, who will turn 23 in a few weeks.

Jiizuke, Svenskeren, IgNar and Impact all have a lot of experience which may be the attribute that could carry them throughout the next season. 

The former world champion will be replacing Huni, who has left EG and joined TSM.

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