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LoL Esports: MSI semifinal draw revealed

Published: 08:29, 25 May 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Karma
League of Legends - Karma, or any other support champion, will no longer be as easy to use to inflate your elo

Riot Games announced the semifinal pairings for MSI 2022 after the Rumble stage has concluded with RNG on top.

LPL representatives, RNG, finished the Rumble stage of MSI 2022 in the first place, allowing them to choose their opponents in the semifinals, while the runner-up team, T1, would get the others.

RNG picked the LCS representatives, EG, as their semifinal opponents which means T1 and G2 will face off in the other BO5 matchup.

The entire situation is a bit similar to the one from 2019 when the Rumble stage ended with LPL team on top, followed by SKT T1 in the second place, G2 in third and TL from LCS in fourth. IG, who represented LPL at the time, chose to play against TL in the semifinal, only to get knocked out 3-1. SKT T1 and G2 had a closer matchup, with G2 emerging victorious after a five-game series.

This ended up being the only international tournament that a western team won ever since season two, when Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese teams were fully introduced to the stage.

It remains to be seen whether something similar can unfold in Korea this year as the remaining teams have demonstrated their ability to beat pretty much anyone, with the glaring exception being the duel between G2 and EG as the former has won all six of the matches thus far.

Riot Games League of Legends - Zeri League of Legends - Zeri

Still, for LEC and LCS to meet once again, it would require going through LCK and LPL teams which is a Herculean task on its own.

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