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LoL Esports: MSI 2022 wraps up, western teams get slapped again

Published: 08:40, 30 May 2022
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League of Legends - Prestige Irelia
League of Legends - Prestige Irelia

With the first international League of Legends tournament now behind us, it's safe to say eastern teams are once again favourites to win the World Championship.

MSI 2022 has concluded and League of Legends esports scene is more or less in the same state it's been for a long while. LCK and LPL teams are dominating while LEC and LCS are struggling to keep up.

G2 had some good performances during the early Rumble stage as they won all four matches, beating even T1 and RNG. However, the tide quickly turned and they barely made it into the playoffs.

This is where the proper spanking began. RNG, who won the Rumble stage, picked EG as their opponents and promptly swept them in order to advance to the finals.

T1 met G2 in the other pairing where another sweep happened with G2 struggling to find their earlier form. As such, we once again had an LPL vs LCK final but it was a worthy matchup.

Both teams brought their A-game as we were treated to 5-match series with RNG taking the lead, T1 equalising, RNG taking it again and T1 equalising once more. 

Unfortunately, the fifth game was not an epic and close showdown we hoped for to close up such series and RNG took it home after a rather convincing victory.

Riot Games League of Legends - Jhin Jhin pick once again proved terrible in clutch moments

Technically, they didn't take it home, the trophy was already in their case from MSI 2021 so they simply kept it for another year.

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