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LoL esports: MSI 2022 rumble stage schedule revealed

Published: 11:00, 18 May 2022
League of Legends - Ahri
League of Legends - Ahri

MSI Group stage has concluded and the elite of League of Legends esports now know in which way they will face the remaining opponents.

League of Legends MSI 2022 group stage concluded with the following teams qualifying for Rumble:

  • Group A
    • T1
    • Saigon Buffalo (SGB)
  • Group B
    • RNG
    • PSG Talon
  • Group C
    • G2
    • EG

The Rumble stage schedule is now available on LoL Esports site but the first day is kicking off with a banger. G2 is facing T1, with the former being one of the rare western teams to defeat the giants of LCK. On the other hand, G2 is sporting a rather fresh roster, with just caPs and Jankos remaining from the team that had a good measure of success against LCK and LPL teams in the past.

On that note, just a few hours after the match, G2 will have to face RNG, the other favourite for winning the tournament.

Rumble stage will happen over the course of five days, with the first-day schedule being as follows:

  1. G2 vs T1
  2. EG vs RNG
  3. PSG vs SGB
  4. G2 vs RNG
  5. SGB vs EG
  6. PSG vs T1

There will be a total of four teams proceeding into knockout stage, meaning only two will get booted in rumble. When that happens, the matches will be played in BO5 format and there will be no lower bracket.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
League of Legends

Once a team gets knocked out, they stay knocked out. This might be alarming for G2, who didn't get to use their superpowers until they got knocked out early in LEC playoffs.

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