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LoL Esports: LEC players are returning to the studio for select matches

Published: 16:54, 11 February 2022
Riot Games
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Will the matches be played with an audience?

LEC is about to resume and it's to several bits of good news - a famous host is returning and players will be competing from the studio for select few matches.

Esports scene has generally suffered due to the Covid-19 issues preventing crowds and later even players from coming to the world-famous and beloved venues. League of Legends arguably suffered the most due to the immense effect the fans of the game's esports scene have - from the hype, over the support for the teams to seeing the players facing off against each other on stage.

These issues are partially being rolled back this Friday as four teams are actually going to play on stage. That said, there will be no live audience and there is another restraint in place -only the first and fifth match of the day will be played in the studio.

It's not that easy to pinpoint the reason for this type of schedule but the most likely one is that LEC staff needed more time to properly secure the space between the matches can commence, in order to be sure the studio doesn't become an infection hotspot. LEC had similar measures in place earlier as well, with the first, third and fifth matches being played in the studio but the new schedule probably means they are employing additional health security standards.

Anyway, besides the partial return to the LEC studio for the teams, February 11, 2022, also marks the date when Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere returns as the host. She was previously out of the roster after compensation issues with Riot but Sjokz is now back on the floor, hopefully without further hiccups.

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