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LoL Esports: LEC Awards will not be voted on by players this yea

Published: 01:29, 16 February 2022
Riot Games
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Riot Games is once again shaking up how League of Legends European Championship awards are going to work, this time letting the experts take the helm.

League of Legends has had countless stars throughout the years and as such, awards in recognition of their hard work, dedication and talent are kind of a big deal. There is one problem with deciding who gets the award though - the question of whether you want to let the fans or experts decide on it. Opinions will always differ and Riot Games seems to be testing different approaches in order to satisfy as many LoL esports fans as possible.

In 2021, Riot opted to give the LEC award reins to the fans, who would be able to vote for the best during the season but this approach ran into an issue that looks obvious, at least in hindsight. Fans of various organisations would just vote for their favourites instead of being objective about which player earned the award the most.

As such, the team is switching back to the system where "a round table of LoL experts, pundits, and professionals" will be deciding on the worthy winner. 

With the new direction, the award name will be once again switched from Community Award to All-Pro Award. Additionally, the same round table of experts will be deciding who gets other awards, such as the Rookie of the Season and Coaching Team of the Season.

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Furthermore, there will be a new award, called Kia Finals MVP, which will highlight the best player at the conclusion of the split - the finals of the play-offs, which should give additional incentive to the pro players, on top of the Regular Split MVP.

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