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LoL Esports: LCS playoffs see two upsets in a single weekend

Published: 09:19, 18 April 2022
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League of Legends - Ashen Knight Pyke
League of Legends - Ashen Knight Pyke

Some of the biggest favourites for winning the Spring split of 2022 in LCS have lost their Bo5s this week, with one of them getting knocked out entirely.

NA is one of the regions that hasn't concluded the Spring 2022 playoffs yet and as such, is providing the viewers with that necessary dose of League of Legends esports while we're all waiting for one of the two biggest events of the year - the MSI. LCS didn't disappoint and kept the weekend highly entertaining, primarily because it took all the expectations and chucked them out the window. 

In the upper bracket, we had the duel between 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, with both of them having a strong showing throughout the year and especially the playoffs. Still, Team Liquid were seen as the favourites but 100T wouldn't have any of it.

TL kicked the series off on a strong note, securing two wins in a row on the wings of Hans Sama who had a monstrous combined KDA of 16/0/10. The dominant wins in those two matches looked like the end of the story but it appears that April 2022 is the month of reverse sweeps and 100T scored another one. 

Game 3 was a stomp for 100T while the next one was a bit closer but it was wrapped up around the 32-minute mark. 

Game 5 was a real treat for the viewers as we saw a close match between the two, basically painting finals before finals type of scenario. Eventually, 100T prevailed with Abbedagge's double backdoor that sent TL to the lower bracket.

Riot Games League of Legends - Twisted Fate TF is not going to attempt a backdoor twice in a row, right? Right?!...

It's here that they will face EG, who were knocked down by TL in the first round, but they also knocked out C9 with a clean sweep during this weekend. Whether it's incredible form by EG or implosion within C9 remains to be seen on April 23, 2022, when TL and EG get their rematch.

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