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LoL Esports: LCS format is changing in 2021

Published: 00:59, 15 December 2020
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League of Legends - LCS 2021 format change
League of Legends - LCS 2021 format change

Professional League of Legends competitions are getting a bit of a rework in North America as there appears to be a push to make the region more competitive in the international scene.

LCS has been having rough outings at international competitions lately as the region is struggling to make it out of the group stage at World Championships, despite being one of the major regions. Several individuals from the scene pointed out major problems and it appears that Doublelift's infamous comment about Spring Split being of no consequence drew enough attention for the organisation to revamp how it works.

LCS teams will now play LCS Lock In , a tournament that will span three weeks and happen before Spring Split commences. It will feature a $150,000 prize that will be allocated for the winning team only.

The regular season will now have five games a day, three days a week, meaning the schedule is a bit more condensed. Furthermore, Spring Split will now take six weeks to complete with this new schedule and the Summer Split will take nine weeks since it will be played as triple round robin.

Meanwhile, the Spring and Summer splits will both be factored in when deciding the seeds in the tournament at the end of the Summer split while Spring Playoffs winner will be the sole LCS representative at MSI 2021.

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LCS Championship tournament will be held after the end of Summer Split regular season and will take the top-seeded teams from Spring and Summer splits. Top three teams will represent LCS at Worlds.

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