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LoL Esports: G2 sweeps everyone off the table in LEC 2022 Spring playoffs

Published: 14:01, 11 April 2022
Updated: 14:05, 11 April 2022
League of Legends - Ahri
League of Legends - Ahri

Spring 2022 playoffs in LEC had a lot of excitement and reversing seemed to be the theme of the event but it ultimately ended with G2 wrecking everyone.

League of Legends gained massive popularity in large part thanks to its exciting esports scene and LEC Spring 2022 playoffs once again showed us why people love it so much.

Matches between G2 and Fnatic are called the El Classico of LoL for a reason and this time around we were treated to two Bo5 duels between the old kings of LEC. The reason for this was that Fnatic knocked G2 down to the lower bracket in the first round by winning 3-1, only to be knocked down there themselves by Rogue in a 2-3 reverse sweep afterwards.

Meanwhile, G2 rampaged through the lower bracket, scoring one clean sweep after another, beating Vitality and Misfits before reaching FNC again. The tables have turned in this round as G2 once again went 3-0. While some debated this may have been due to FNC's mental fortitude being low after the reverse sweep by RGE, G2 went on to showcase this duel went in their favour due to their own prowess.

The finals were played on April 10, 2022, between Rogue and G2, in front of a live audience. This appeared to be a buff for caPs, who was just unstoppable in the whole series as G2 trounced their last opponent on the path to MSI 2022, with yet another clean sweep.

LEC Spring 2022 playoffs recap LEC Spring 2022 playoffs recap

Excel turned out to be the only team in the playoffs that didn't lose to the eventual champions, courtesy of Team Vitality who knocked them out before G2 could have their way with them.

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