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LoL esports: G2 signs BrokenBlade in a multi-year deal

Published: 08:24, 18 November 2021
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Following several controversies with long-term G2 contracts, it appears not all of their reputation is in ruins as the team's new top laner signed a multi-year deal.

G2 Esports gained a lot of notoriety by sabotaging the deals Fnatic tried to make with the organisation about transferring their players. First, there was the case of Perkz not being allowed to join the side even after he left G2 and then the talks about FNC having to pay double, compared to other teams, in order to secure other players.

This left a stain on G2's reputation as both the community and even Perkz called them out for unsavoury business practices, which led many to believe it would be hard for the organisation to secure players on a long-term basis.

However, according to Upcomer's sources, this is not the case. G2's replacement for Wunder will apparently be Broken Blade, who most recently played with Schalke 04. The team eventually had to sell their League of Legends European Championship (LEC) spot due to financial issues the parent organisation found itself in, leaving the roster up for grabs. Broken Blade was pretty much the best pick on the roster one could hope for and G2 reportedly secured him until 2024 .

Despite S04 finishing in the last place during the Summer Split of 2021, Broken Blade was widely regarded as a highly competent top laner who is good enough to have a team in the world's elite.

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Even though G2 roster isn't as star-studded as last season, we are sure it will eventually compete for the positions that lead them to Worlds 2022 which is nothing less than Broken Blade deserves.

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