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LoL esports: Blaber roleswaps to complete C9 roster

Published: 03:44, 16 November 2021
Cloud 9
Cloud 9
Cloud 9

League of Legends preseason funtime continues with Cloud 9 pulling some rather weird but extremely interesting roster changes.

Perkz returned to the LEC to play for Vitality after a year with Cloud 9, which left an open mid position in the latter team. While pretty much everyone thought the team would get a new mid laner, they pulled a roleswap for one of their best, Fudge.

Giving up his top lane spot, Fudge will try his skills out in the midlane kingdom and given the player's talent, it might just work. It hasn't been that long since Bwipo successfully changed to jungle, practically overnight, and Fudge certainly possesses the skills to pull this one off.

In his stead, Summit will join the team in the top lane. The Korean player is leaving Liiv Sandbox after being with the Sandbox organisation for for over three years, since December 2018.

Another change in the roster will be the support player apparently as the list from Travis Gafford included Isles, who is technically not an import since North American teams can field Oceanian players as if they were domestic talent.

The rest of the roster remained unchanged with Blaber once again on the scuttle crab duty and Zven in the bot lane. C9's new roster may not look like an improvement over the one from the last year but it appears they are investing heavily into younger talent, meaning the team is playing the long game.

Either way, it's going to be interesting to see how they measure up to their peers after the substantial changes. League of Legends preseason never fail to entertain.

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