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LoL Champions Queue to be disabled until June 2022

Published: 01:28, 14 April 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Champions Queue
League of Legends - Champions Queue is back

LCS players will have to grind the regular solo queue in preparation for MSI 2022 apparently as the Champions Queue is taking a break.

North America's attempt at mimicking the Chinese super server in League of Legends was a partial success but it appears that the players are getting fed up with it for some reason. Some have given up the grind and others are unhappy with having to do voice comms in most matches.

As a result, Riot Games is introducing a few changes to it, with the first one being voice comms. Currently, the system requires the player to opt-out and some players are feeling too much pressure in having to go for the win in every match. The revised system will allow players to opt-in instead, meaning voice comms will not be enabled by default. It remains to be seen how this will affect the players and their coordination skills, which are highly important when they are playing with their teams and not with random teammates.

Additionally, Champions Queue will skip Split 3 and leave the off-season unoccupied for the LCS pros, meaning it won't return in time to prepare the LCS teams for MSI 2022 or the Summer Season. Instead, CQ will start two weeks before the Summer Season, which technically leaves some time for pros to prepare but not as much as one might have thought it would.

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When it returns, Champions Queue will have a new MMR system and more improvements , like more players being allowed in.

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