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LEC 2021 start date officially announced

Published: 15:56, 16 December 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends European Championship 2021
League of Legends European Championship 2021

Riot Games announced the start date of the premier League of Legends competition in Europe while reminding fans of recent developments in the region and possibilities in the next season.

LEC will conclude the preseason break and resume on January 22, 2021 . The Spring Split will apparently not undergo major changes like the one in LCS but the roster alterations that LEC teams had in the preseason will surely shake things up.

Some of the iconic players have changed colours, with Perkz going to C9 and completely changing the region while Rekkles signed with G2, the biggest rival Fnatic ever had. 

G2 now seem to have the most complete roster, with dominant players in every lane and jungle while Fnatic changed their mid and marksman but the replacements, Nisqy and Upset, certainly have a high-performance ceiling. 

It remains to be seen how the new black and orange roster will click under the guidance of YamatoCannon and if they will be finally able to take the crown back from G2, which would be tragic for Rekkles as he certainly went there hoping to win some trophies.

Meanwhile, the teams that were close to reaching the heights of G2 and FNC - Rogue and MAD Lions, have had their shakeups as well. The rookie roster of MAD Lions is not so green anymore and they've acquired Armut, who popped off once again in his former team, this time during Worlds when SuperMassive knocked out LEC's fourth seed.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
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Rogue have changed their top and support players after acquiring one of the most well-known players in the LEC - Odoamne, and promoting Trymbi from their academy roster.

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