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Leaked PS Plus lineup for May lists Dying Light, Dark Souls Remastered

Published: 10:25, 27 April 2020
A picture from a fire in Dark Souls Remastered
Dark Souls Remastered

We've come across a supposedly leaked list of PS Plus games for May 2020 and if it's indeed true, we're looking at two great games and a great month ahead.

That is, if the list is true to begin with, as the leak originates from ResetEra forums and a user named Adookah. For what it's worth it seems legitimate, but we'll leave the grain of salt and all. 

So, if the rumours are true PlayStation Plus subscribers are looking at a really fun May 2020, with Dying Light and Dark Souls Remastered both making the cut. 

Seeing as how Dying Light 2 is in the works, it's probably perfect timing to brush up on the franchise, whose first instalment is more than a worthy investment of your gaming time. 

Developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros, Dying Light launched in 2015 to some really nice reviews. While not without its flaws, the game's debut was the best debut for a new survival-horror intellectual property, a no small feat at the time when the genre was arguably already oversaturated.

There's plenty of DLC to dip your toes into should you like the game, which should be enough until the successor, Dying Light 2, hits the shelves. 

As for Dark Souls Remastered, the mac daddy of soul-crushing difficulty should need no introduction, as the 2018 remastered version is just a visually freshened up, familiar experience from the original release. 

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Dark Souls Remastered boasts some nice reviews as well, a testament to the masochistic hordes of grateful gamers, but you should know the deal by now - get pummeled, repeat until you're not pummeled. 

You can find the ResetEra post in question here . Thanks PushSquare .

Dying Light 2, Techland's open-world survival RPG game

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Dying Light 2

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