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League of Legends' Wukong to get a kit update soon

Published: 01:05, 28 November 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - Wukong
League of Legends - Wukong

Riot Games have just recently released Senna and are gearing up to release Aphelios but their work on refreshing League of Legends champion pool is not taking a break. They also announced Wukong's mini rework will hit PBE in December 2019.

Wukong is one of those champions that is quite fun to play and makes regular appearances, as long as players are willing to focus on having fun in the game, rather than winning as much as possible. The reason for that is Wukong's unfortunate removal from the meta, quite a bit ago, which prompted fans to fall into despair and Riot to dig in and bring Master Yi's disciple back into viable waters.

Those changes are ready to be shipped to PBE apparently and Wu will be getting his shiny reworked abilities at some point in December 2019. , each of his abilities will be altered.

Stone Skin (Passive) will no longer grant him not-so-visible bonuses to armour and magic resistance. Wu will now gain a physical damage shield whenever enemies lose sight of him for more than a second.

Wuju Strike (Q) will be more spammable due to one-second cooldown reduction at all ranks and cost reduction to just 30 mana. Furthermore, it will become a minion farming tool since mana will be refunded on unit kills.

Warrior Trickster (W) is now a short-range dash that doesn't go over the walls. Wu will still get a clone, that will now actually attack enemies around it, prioritising those that the champion damaged last. The clone's auto attacks will deal less damage than Wukong's at early ranks but will equalise at maximum rank.

Nimbus Strike (E) received the fewest changes. It will now deal magic damage and AoE range has been increased.

Cyclone (R) will now have a tick rate every 0.25 seconds instead of 0.5 but damage will be halved to compensate. Bonus movement speed is now a static 30 per cent instead of ramping up to 40 per cent. Nimbus Strike attack speed buff will be frozen during Cyclone and resume after the ulti concludes. Keep in mind that Cyclone can now be cancelled by using other abilities or recasting the ulti itself. 

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Overall, the new kit should prove to be more reliable but the didn't mention W's invisibility for some reason. It remains to be seen if this will get removed but considering the synergy with the passive, it's hard to imagine this will be the case.

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