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League of Legends Worlds 2021 location reportedly moving to Europe

Published: 00:55, 24 August 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Samira
League of Legends - Samira

Riot Games appear to have hit a snag when it comes to organising League of Legends' biggest tournament of the year which will result in moving the event entirely.

League of Legends World Championship is probably the biggest annual esports event since it garners so much attention from both Western and Eastern fans and especially those located in China, who often break viewer count records. It is for this reason that countless fans were looking forward to Worlds 2021 being held on their home soil but this will have to wait due to complications regarding the participants' ability to be at the tournament.

Namely, Upcomer's sources claim that Riot Games will relocate Worlds 2021 to Europe, as opposed to having it as an event that would happen across various cities in China.

The reason for this is the problems some organisations faced when trying to secure a visa that would allow them to stay in the country during the tournament.

North American League of Legends Championship (LCS) teams were unable to secure visas to enter China so far apparently, which is what is forcing Riot Games' hand. As a result, the competition will likely take place in Europe.

Keep in mind these are not official sources yet and Riot Games didn't publicly state this will happen. 

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League of Legends

As such, they didn't reveal the new venue for Worlds 2021 but if the issues persist, it's highly possible we will see the announcement in the next few days.

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