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League of Legends Worlds 2021 group draw results are in

Published: 15:34, 22 September 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - PsyOps Pyke
League of Legends - PsyOps Pyke

Riot Games have concluded the group draw for Worlds 2021 and the biggest LoL tournament has not been kind to Rogue this year.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 groups are now almost complete since the draw has concluded but each group is missing the fourth team as these will qualify from the Play-In stage. 

Group A

  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Rogue
  • Play-In team

This is easily the group of death this year. Rogue had terrible luck but it remains to be seen if they can put up a fight against Korea's first and China's second seeds. It will also be highly entertaining to watch the mid lane titans ShowMaker and DoinB going up against each other, at least twice during the tournament.

Group B

  • 100 Thieves
  • Edward Gaming
  • T1
  • Play-In team

Abbedagge has been called baby Faker or Fakerdagge on multiple occasions and we will finally see the duo fighting over the mid lane kingdom.

Group C

  • Fnatic
  • PSG Talon
  • RNG
  • Play-In team

This group doesn't have a Korean team in it so if HLE goes through the Play-In stage, this is where they will end up. Fnatic and RNG's rivalry will have at least two new entries during Worlds 2021.

Group D

  • MAD Lions
  • Gen. G
  • Team Liquid
  • Play-In team

Team Liquid found their form towards the end of LCS summer but they will have a tough mission ahead of them if they are looking to get out of this group. LNG will pop into this group if they don't get knocked out in Play-In stage, making it a pretty tough battle for everyone.

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