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League of Legends Worlds 2020 song, Take Over, has been released

Published: 15:07, 17 September 2020
Riot Games
A screenshot from League of Legends youtube channel
Thew new Worlds song is here!

The new League of Legends song for the upcoming World Championship has been revealed on Riot's official Twitter account. Just like in the previous years, the song features a number of professional players.

League of Legends World Championship is surely one of if not the biggest Esports tournaments in the year. If we include the play-in stage, a total number of 22 teams will compete against each other to take the title of the best team in the world. Even though the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic took its toll on the Esports events, fans are still expecting to see a blast of a show considering that it's League's 10th anniversary.

Each year, Riot Games release a new song that serves as a teaser before the big stage comes online. This year is no different and we have to say that the new song didn't disappoint.

In the two previous Worlds songs, Rise and Phoenix, Riot featured a couple of the game's legends like Faker, Perkz, Rookie, and others. This year they went the same route and the song featured players like Tian, Faker, and Madlife. It's quite interesting that all of these players didn't make it to Worlds. Tian plays for FunPlus Phoenix and they are the current World Champions.

Twitter A screenshot from league of Legends Twitter Tian will not be a part of this year's Worlds

The video looks like a combination of two of ther previous songs - Warriors (2014) and Rise (2018). The 2020 World Championship starts with the Play-In stage on September 25 and ends with the finals on October 31.

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