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League of Legends will nerf mission farming overall but especially in bot matches

Published: 02:54, 04 December 2021
Riot Games
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League of Legends - Gangplank

Riot Games are shifting mission progress in League of Legends to be based on time spent in matches but also on the type of matches you play.

Farming missions in League of Legends for those skin shards usually meant going to ARAM or Co-op vs AI matches thus far and Riot Games are changing the way this will work in the future, in order to make sure regular Summoner's Rift experience is not left behind.

The progress will be shifted from the number of matches to points, which will be earned based on the time spent in a match. Depending on what you're playing, point earning per minute will be:

  • Four to six points
    • Summoner's Rift PvP
    • ARAM
    • Limited-time modes
  • Two to three points
    • Teamfight Tactics matches
  • One to two points
    • Summoner's Rift Co-op vs AI

You will earn the smaller amount of points for a loss and the bigger for a win. 

This shift will mean you will need to spend around 15 hours in SR PvP, Howling Abyss or LTMs in order to earn that orb that previously had the objective to play 30 games, provided you win and lose roughly the same amount of games. Translated into the old system, this means you would have to play 30 games with each of them lasting 30 minutes, which was obviously never the case due to landslide wins that inevitably happen as well as early surrenders.

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League of Legends

It's safe to say Riot Games are trying to force more player activity for the same amount of rewards and this change will serve that exact purpose. The change will kick in on December 9, 2021 , when the Debonair event starts.

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