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League of Legends Will increase Champion Survivability

Published: 22:44, 10 May 2022
Riot Games
LEague of Legends - Illaoi
League of Legends - Illaoi

In an effort to slow the pace of the game, developers have looked into reducing the damage present in the game, currently. Instead, however, they will increase champion survivability.

In patch 12.10, Riot will be introducing some changes to increase the durability of every champion on the roster to reduce the overall amount of damage in League. They are looking to accomplish this by increasing the following stats:

  • Base Health
  • Health per Level
  • Armor per Level
  • Magic Resist per Level

This increase in durability also necessitates some adjustments to the surrounding systems of the rift to make sure they are correctly tuned, relative to the increased durability. These include nerfs to sustain, and buffs to Baron, Turrets, and mana regeneration.

Riot Games League of Legends - Tahm Kench League of Legends - Tahm Kench

What players can expect from this update, which the devs are calling the Champion Durability update, is not games that last for fifteen minutes without any kills. Instead, they will work on the following:

  • Players will feel that their champions are dealing and taking less damage
  • Burst champions must commit more resources or be further ahead to get quick kills
  • Bigger windows of opportunity for counterplay
  • Skirmishes and teamfights will last longer

Champion durability isn’t the only thing they will be adjusting. Increasing overall durability has a lot of knock-on effects. Notably, sustain becomes more powerful in preventing champions from reaching burst thresholds, so they are reducing sustain across the board as well.

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