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League of Legends will get drops on esports streams

Published: 14:58, 04 June 2020
League of Legends Esports drops
League of Legends Esports drops

Riot Games decided to offer some in-game goodies for those who watch League of Legends esports events but some conditions need to be met first.

Valorant's marketing strategy with closed beta keys being dependant on watching Twitch streams was rather successful as the game kept on top of the categories on the website, ahead of the usual suspects like Just Chatting, League of Legends, Fortnite and CS:GO. Riot Games seem to have liked that approach enough to attach more stuff to watching the streams.

This time it's LoL's turn as the company announced a new initiative which will entice players into inflating viewership numbers in exchange for digital goods. 

In order to qualify for these stream drops, LoL players will need to watch esports streams specifically through . These drops will be available only when certain moments in a match occur, such as Baron steals and pentakills.

Not all of these events will feature a drop but some of them will. LoL fans will be able to track the available drops on the Drops tab which is a part of the aforementioned website, which is also the same place where the drops will be redeemed.

When the feature launches, the drops will be available only for live matches but Riot stated their intent to "expand support for other new features in the near future".

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
League of Legends

Granted, the items that can be attained in League of Legends have no impact on gameplay and are mostly cosmetic in nature but it's only a matter of time before players start speaking out in case some of the loot turns out to be exclusive to watching the streams.

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