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League of Legends will be turning off its web Match History

Published: 02:05, 01 September 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Lucian
League of Legends devs are not above admitting others have made better match history websites

Leaving the work to the professionals is always a good practice, but especially so in business. So too shall Riot leave cataloging match histories to the professionals, and shut down their own website.

Where do you go when you want to check match history for a game you recently played? Chances are, it's probably the client or a community website. Very few players use the official Match History site, and Riot are, obviously, okay with that.

Web match history is in a similar situation as Clubs was: Community sites have done amazing things with the match data provided by Riot's APIs, far surpassing even their own site. So, as with Clubs, they are going to fully hand things over to these experts. 

On Sep 7th around 18:00 BST, the League Web Match History site will be permanently taken offline.

A few key notes:

  • The client will still have a match history page,
  • Riot are not shutting down third-party access to match history data, though they are transitioning to a new service for it. The Developer Relations team will continue to support third-party sites during the transition,
  • Riot are also creating a solution for esports sites that should be an improvement to how they currently get data. Technically unrelated to regular match history, but worth mentioning.

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Should there still be some people holding fast to tradition and are not up-to-date on which sites we are talking about, our advice is to move out from the rock you are living under, as those sites have been sponsoring every League of Legends content creator under the Sun for some time now.

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