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League of Legends will award a new free skin with Honor level 5

Published: 06:54, 15 March 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion splash art - Akshan
League of Legends - Akshan

It was about time Riot did something regarding the game and its punishing system. Going towards the direction of awarding players, though, is unexpected but welcome.

Behavioral Systems shouldn't just be about punishing bad players, it should also reward great ones, say the Riot developers. So, this year, Riot are upping the rewards with a new special recall VFX for players who are Honor 5 or have received an Honor from either a non-premade or two premades in their last game. Similar to the special Challenger recall, you’ll now have the opportunity to sport a special new Honor recall.

More importantly, though, Riot are also working on an exclusive skin just for players who reach Honor 5 as part of the End of Season rewards. With these exclusive rewards, players will have a new way to show off in-game, in addition to existing Honor skins, chromas, and other rewards. So now’s the time to get your Honor on!

Riot Games League of Legends - Goth Annie League of Legends - Goth Annie

When it comes to punishing bad behavior, though, Riot Games are taking a loot at 95% of the player base. Those of us that are not usually toxic, but just have a bad game or two. As they point out, if so many people are toxic in a 10-person game, it's impossible to play the game for any length of time and not have a bad experience.

To do this, they are implementing a new verbal abuse tracker, which they expect will give us ten times the results of the old one.

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