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League of Legends World Championship sees the last KR team out

Published: 07:33, 22 October 2018
Updated: 09:22, 22 October 2018
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League of Legends World Championship 2018 has not stopped with surprises and upsets yet as G2 have knocked RNG out and Cloud 9 brutalised the remaining Korean team in a clean sweep. There is only one favourite team that remains standing.

World Championship 2018 is proving to be the most exciting international competition in League of Legends since Season 2, when Korean and Chinese teams initially joined the global stage. They have been dominating it ever since, but now there is just one Chinese team left in semi-finals and none of the Koreans.

G2 have managed to qualify to the competition only via play-ins, but now they have beaten the team most people expected to win it all - Royal Never Give Up. This came after a slew of amazing games G2, with PerkZ absolutely shining in the last two games, as he first dominated the game with Aatrox and then absolutely demolished Xiaohu with LeBlanc.

Meanwhile, the remaining Chinese team, Invictus Gaming, knocked out the other team that was highly likely to win the tournament - KT Rolster. This marked the end of the competition for all teams fans and analysts saw as favourite, except for Fnatic who are still going strong.

Speaking of, Fnatic also had to face a tough customer - Edward Gaming. Or so everyone would expect. EDG took the first game in about 27 minutes, which may have caused Fnatic fans to get worried, but it turned out to be a hickup, as they proceeded to win the next three matches and go through to semi finals.

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In the last pairing of quarterfinals, the last remaining Korean teams faced of with what seemed to be easy prey, since North American teams aren't exactly respected in the international scene when it comes to League of Legends. Cloud 9 made sure to change that perception as they proceeded to remove Korea from the tournament in just three games, with a clean sweep.

World Championship 2018 added another two significant statistics under its belt - the first time a Korean team didn't reach semi finals since 2012 and the first time that three out of four teams in semi finals are western teams. Bonus stat - Svenskeren on his keyboard twice during the tournamnet.

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