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League of Legends Tryndamere Ban Rate Skyrockets

Published: 06:20, 29 March 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Tryndamere
League of Legends - Tryndamere

Are you perhaps a Tryndamere main, and are wondering why you are unable to get a game on your favorite champion? There is a simple reason for that, tied to the meta.

It's no secret that, right now, Tryndamere is in a strong place in the meta. But why has that happened, as the champion has not received any direct buffs to his kit?

He has, however, been receiving indirect buffs this whole season, which put him into the position he now enjoys:

  • Bounty system favoring split pushing,
  • Galeforce mythic which allows the additional crit and dash,
  • Lethal Tempo changes giving easy early game attack speed,
  • Teleport nerfs, making enemy laners unable to make plays on the other die of the map.

Add in the fact that, as a champion, his kit is incredibly simple, allowing everyone to pick him up and play him correctly within a few games, and we see why his current ban rate reaches 30%, which it reached last time in 2016.

Riot Games League of Legends - Barbarian King Tryndamere League of Legends - Barbarian King Tryndamere

Furthermore, the largest issue the game is, currently, suffering from is power creep. Again, Tryndamere's Ultimate ability easily takes care of any incoming damage, while the low cool down dash and subsequent Galeforce allows him to get on top of and kill any hyper-carry the enemy team has, and anything standing in his way trying to peel.

The champion has even been a counter to the Janna meta, with his early game split pushing and jungle farm stealing strategy. It seems like, this season, everything is coming up the way Tryndamere wants it to, aside from the ban rate of course.

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