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League of Legends top lane enchanters strategy will be nerfed soon

Published: 07:09, 06 February 2022
Updated: 07:11, 06 February 2022
Splash art of Battle Principal Yuumi
The only thing worse than Lulu, is Yuumi
Playing Yuumi will now be the only type of AFK you can be

Jaana top with smite is giving nightmares to top-laners all over the world. Riot have promised to combat this, and other enchanter picks in the top-lane, as soon as possible.

One of the newest strategies in the game is taking enchanters top-lane, and creating a pseudo-funneling strategy for your entire team.

In patch 12.3 Riot have promised nerfs to the enchanter top-lane picks, separate from the regular nerfs to Janna:

"Janna's 12.2 changes swept Summoner's Rift by storm, making her one of the strongest and most popular supports. However, it wasn't clear just how strong of a nerf she needed in the last patch due to a Glacial Augment bug that interacted with her Q and R a little too well. Even after the hotfix, Janna remains very strong with Glacial and other runes, so we're lowering her early roaming power and her enhanced heal and shield window.

These changes are not intended to address her and other enchanters' recent top lane strategy. We're working on a separate solution for that and will update as soon as we have an accurate forecast."

Riot Games League of Legends - Lulu and her partner in crime, Pix League of Legends - Lulu and her partner in crime, Pix

In the case of Yuumi top, you funnel your jungle and mid-laner, and upon level six leave lane never to return, giving all the cs in the lane over to one of your team's carries. Janna top, played with smite, goes a step further, and leaves lane even earlier.

With the way the bounty system works, based on comparing the average team cs, and top-lane enchanters lowering their team's average cs by a lot, it ensures that the enemy top-lane almost always has a bounty even without any kills.

This takes care of the problem of gold generation for the enchanter's team, while they give an advantage to all lanes with their early and perma-roaming.

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