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League of Legends to nerf Aphelios further, Akali shroud change reverted

Published: 01:28, 28 January 2020
Riot Games
Picture of Akali in League of Legends
Akali buffs are always a scary thing

Riot Games developer tend to share their thoughts and balance direction ahead of the updates that eventually add them. This time around, they revealed that Aphelios will get a range nerf along with Akali losing her mobility.

Aphelios posed a problem to players who couldn't properly counter his kit since the release and one of the reasons they found the champion frustrating was his unlimited range if certain conditions were met. These were tied to his Calibrum weapon and the infinite range could be activated by his Q or ultimate with proper main hand and off-hand weapon management.

However, it appears that devs now feel the infinite range should be nerfed and will replace it with a limited range extension in patch 10.3. He's not the only marksman getting a range slap in the patch as the team will aim to make Senna get more souls from allies killing the minions as opposed to the ones she kills. It should propel her power in the support role while weakening the marksman side.

Meanwhile, Akali will no longer be able to use her ultimate for escaping unless she jumps over a flanking enemy as it will now be a targeted ability instead of a skill shot. Her shroud was initially nerfed as well so immobilising effects would reveal her but Riot decided this was too inconsistent so only the changes to her ulti will make it to 10.3.

On the other hand, her Q might cost more energy during the early ranks to lower the assassin's minion control and lane power.

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League of Legends

All of these changes will still go through some testing but it's also highly possible they will go live in the current form since patch 10.3 is scheduled for release on 5 February 2020. That was only eight days away from the time of writing.

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